About Ashram
About Ashram

Matrisangha Janakalyan Ashram was founded in the year…1979 by Shri Shri Sudhin Kumar Mitra and has its registered office at Kolkata (Registration No – S/24578 of 79-80) This was registered with the Registrar of society purely as a Not for Profit philanthropic  organisation , which will provide human welfare services across all strata of the society without any religious or caste and creed bias.

Shri Shri Sudin Kumar Mitra conceptualised and nurtured   Matri Sangha Janakalyan Ashram   to evolve as an organisation   that exemplifies the  living consciousness of the Divine Mother.  He was a Guru and Saint  to thousands of his disciples across India,  but to the masses he was a source of solace and grace in their hour of need and struggle. 

Gurudev Shri Shri Sudin Kumar Mitra shaped Matri Sangha Janakalyan Ashram to be a platform to channelize his expression of love and Seva to the community and to be a source of support and strength in the hour of need to thousands of our brothers and sisters .

Matrisangha Janakalyan Ashram in keeping with the ideals of Gurudev, believes in the spiritual equality and embraces peoples from all Religions, Caste and Creed, it believes in true commune of the human spirit. This aspect is best exemplified in the Temple of the Ashram where icons of all Religions and Faiths are depicted harmoniously  in a fresco.

In keeping with the wishes and aspirations of Gurudev, Matri Sangha Jankalyan Ashram focuses on serving the society in the following areas.

  • Educational Assistance and Programs
  • Medical services  through Indoor Polyclinics and Mobile Medical units
  • Blood donation camps
  •  Drug Bank & Distribution of Free Medicine.
  •  Disaster Relief work
  • Self Help Centre… providing Vocational Courses  for Boys and Girls and  financial assistance program for  women through its handicraft and Masala /Agarbati packaging initiative.
  • Legal Aid clinic in association with NALSA, focused on human rights and legal Aid available to all for their security and rights Specially the women.
  • Old age home and elderly care centre.

Matri Sangha has centers and branches in the following locations
Kolkata,  Siliguri   Jalpaiguri   Cooch Bihar,  Malbazar.

The  programs as mentioned above are delivered by the voluntary work and services of its members and disciples of Gurudev. The financial resources are solely dependent on the donations received from the members  and all benevolent people who are keen to participate in a great social cause.
Matri Sangha aspires to build a combined home for the Orphan children and Elderly, where the Children will not only get the assistance and support but will have the love and care of the Elderly. Elders in turn will get a renewed cause for living by being in the company of young ones and can shower their affection and love on them…….this is a dream project of Gurudev, and Matri Sangha Janakalyan Ashram is aspiring to fulfil this dream and make a significant contribution to the society by taking care of our Young and Elders.

Matrisangha Janakalyan Ashram has trustee board which holds ownership of its property and assets.  It functioning is governed by the Governing body, persons of public eminence are in the Governing body of Matrisangha.Janakalyan Ashram

Members of the Trustee Board of Matrisangha Janakalyan Ashram

Sm. Rupali Maulik
( Honorary General Secretary)
Retd. Bank Official
Sri Salil Kumar Gupta, Mining Engineer
Retd. General Manager, Northern Coalfields Ltd.
Dr. Sukumar Barat,
M.D., Cardiologist
Sri Prodyut Das,

Members of the Governing Body
Matrisangha Janakalyan Ashram

Sri Amitabha Ghosh, Chartered Accountant
Former Dy. Governor of Reserve Bank of India

General Secretary
Sm. Rupali Maulik
Retd. Bank Official

Sri Salil Kumar Gupta,
Mining Engineer
Retd. General Manager, Northern Coalfields Ltd.

Sri Naresh Chandra Ghosh,
Chartered Accountant
Former F.A. & C.E.O., Kolkata Port Trust

Dr. Sukumar Barat,

Sri Dipak Kumar Sengupta
Advocate, Calcutta High Court.

Sri Bimal Krishna Ray
Chartered Engineer,
Architect & Registered Valuer.

Sri Prodyut Das,

Matri Sangha Janakalyan Ashram  welcomes  all to participate in its initiatives and have a  fulfilling experience of ability to commune with the human spirit by delivering services in some form or the other to the under privileged section of our society